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YA Teen Paranormal, 1st Pov, Narrative
00:00 / 00:57
Cozy Mystery, 1st POV, F/F Dialogue, French Accent
00:00 / 02:52
Western/Crime, 3rd POV, F Teen /M Dialogue, Southern
00:00 / 01:15
Cozy Mystery, 1st POV, F/M Dialogue, New York Accent
00:00 / 01:53
Sci-Fi Fantasy, 1st POV, F/ F Dialogue, Ethiopian Accent
00:00 / 02:38

Fluent Language:  English

Familiar Languages: Spanish & German. 

Accents: American, Southern, New York, British (RP, Estuary), French, West Indies, African (Zulu, Nigerian, Ethiopian), Russian. 

Non-fiction - Potty Training
00:00 / 01:44

Studio Specs:  Home isolation booth, Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone, Audient ID4 Interface, Izotope RX8.

New Release -2024

A Run at Love by Toni Shiloh by Toni Shiloh,
published by Recorded Books. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at

STUNTBOY In-Between Time by Jason Reynolds, published by Simon & Schuster.  

Earphones Award Winner -2023

Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at

The Love Script by Toni Shiloh, 

published by Recorded Books. 

Too Sweet To Be Good Cover_edited.jpg

Too Sweet To Be Good by K.M. Jackson, published by Recorded Books Inc. 


I'll Always Think It's Forever by Timonthy Goodman, published by Simon and Schuster. 

***Additional narration voices only.

Election by Tom Perrotta, published by Simon and Schuster. 

Earphones award winner -2022

The Girl on the Road by Monica Byrne

published by Penguin Random House.

Earphones award winner

Get to know Dioni (Dee-o-nee)

Dioni Michelle Collins is a multi-Audio File Earphones Award winner, vocalist, television, broadway, and voiceover actress, based in Los Angeles. Originally born in S.F. to a Panamanian mother and Southern Army father, Dioni traveled and lived in Panama and Japan, all before the age of five. She was heavily influenced by her family's love of music and grew up listening to a variety such as Jazz, blues, R&B, and Classical music.

At the age of twelve, she started singing Opera but instantly fell in love with acting and musical theater. She set her sights on Broadway after living abroad and learning German, (Sprechen Sie Deutsch?!) while performing in theaters across Europe.

An avid reader, and passionate for accents and storytelling, her warm, mischievous, textured voice will bring a variety of characters to life, through YA Paranormal, mystery, romance, non-fiction, and her absolute favorite, sci-fi-fantasy.

She was last seen on Broadway in the smash-hit musical WICKED and is currently recurring as Deana Sirtis on ABC’s GENERAL HOSPITAL. Her other television credits include Jenny on Lifetime television’s AMERICAN PRINCESS, executive produced by Jenji Kohan; as well as works on NBC, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

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         Just the Facts 

Audio Publishers Association: Active Member

Inspirational Hobbies:  Photography, Music, Plays, Musical Theater, Reading, Songwriting, Batting cages, Learning accents, Making homemade granola, and everything about The Tiny House movement. 

Life Experience:  Vocalist, Theater, Improv, On-Camera Actor, Writing, Producer, Entertainment Personal Assistant to a Series Lead.  

Areas of Knowledge: Dancing, Reading Music, Scene Study, Certified Music together ® Instructor for Ages: Infants-4 years, Certified Infant care specialist, and Nanny. 

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